The term SPA is an abbreviation of the latin expression “Sanitas per aquam”, which means “health through water”. Guests at Németh Resort can enjoy complete relaxation of the body and comfort of the spirit with the following SPA services:

Exterior camping pool

Found in front of the mobile houses. Surface: 11m x 3.5m Depth: 1.4 m Water temperature: 25 °C It has water slides for children, sun beds and umbrellas.

Exterior heated pool

Found in front of buildings A and B Surface: 9m x 4m Depth: between 1 – 1.4 m Water temperature: 25 – 27 °C It features an immersed bench with powerful water jets for back and feet massage. It has sun beds and umbrellas.

Salt water hot tub

Capacity: 10 people The water is brought from Géra spring in Sovata, which was used for the first salt bath in the lower resort as well.

Salt room

Capacity: 3 people The concentration of saline aerosols in surface salt rooms is different from that of underground salt rooms (found in salt mines), but its calming and relaxing effect can be felt as soon as you enter the room. It is recommended for those suffering from respiratory problems, but also as a method of relaxation and for strengthening the immune system. The walls in the salt room at Németh Resort are made of salt bricks from the Praid Salt Mine!


Capacity: 9 people It can be found on the ground floor of building A, and is, in fact, a minipool with different hydromassage jets and an underwater lighting system.

Dry sauna

Capacity: 5 people Temperature: 80 °C We provide towels and aromatherapy oils.